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Friday, June 16, 2023

Maya Elizabeth + Kimberly Mayes, LCSW Create Empowering
Mental Health Concert

Experience "From M.E. To You" On July 28, 2023

From M.E. to You: A Mental Health Concert

Bringing Hope, Healing, and Harmony through Music


Hyattsville, MD, July 28, 2023 - We are thrilled to announce the upcoming event "From M.E. to You: A Mental Health Concert," a one-of-a-kind musical experience dedicated to raising awareness about mental health issues and fostering a sense of community and support. The concert, featuring inspirational-soul artist, Maya Elizabeth, will take place on July 28 at Creative Saints Loft, Hyattsville, MD.

Organized by Maya Elizabeth and Kimberly Renay Mayes, LCSW, founder of Essence Therapy & Wellness Center, "From M.E. to You" aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and promote open conversations that encourage understanding, compassion, and healing. By leveraging the universal language of music, the concert intends to create a safe space for individuals to be entertained, informed and empowered through a night of uplifting melodies and powerful lyrics--music that soothes, inspires and refreshes.

The concert will also feature professional insights from Kimberly's mental health expertise. Plus, attendees can engage vendors and community representatives from advocacy organizations, who will provide valuable resources, information and wellness products. Additionally, the event will highlight Community Advocates4You--a Baltimore-based organization that supports families and children with disabilities.

"I wrote in my journal over 10 years ago that I wanted to start a mental health concert series to promote mental & emotional well-being AND to vibe to beautiful music," said Kimberly, LCSW. "I named it From Me to You, a gift of peace & direction... I tucked it away for the perfect time... Then, [a few months ago] here comes Maya Elizabeth (M.E. 🤯) telling me she’s been wanting to do the SAME THING!"


"We're partnering to create a safe space where folks can enjoy an unforgettable evening of music, community, and hope." says Maya. "I'm all about multi-sensory listening experiences, too. So, we have special plans 'brewing' with our vendors to involve not just healing sound, but also taste and aromatherapy."

Tickets for "From M.E. to You: A Mental Health Concert" are currently available for purchase through Eventbrite. Given the anticipated high demand for this exceptional event, attendees are encouraged to secure their tickets early. Group rates are also available upon request.

For more information, updates, and to stay connected with the event, please visit the Eventbrite link. Join the conversation on social media using the hashtags #FromMEtoYouConcert, #MayaElizabethMusic and #KimberlyRenay. Follow @mayaelizabethmusic, @kimberlyrenay and @essencetwc on Instagram for the latest news and announcements. If you are a business-owner or organization leader who would like to promote your wellness brand, products or initiatives in partnership with this event, please email the concert team.

"From M.E. to You: A Mental Health Concert" promises to be an unforgettable evening of music, solidarity, and empowerment. Together, let us build a world where mental health is prioritized, stigma is eradicated, and every individual feels supported on their journey towards well-being.

Community Highlight: About Community Advocates4You


Advocates4You is a leading, Baltimore-based support organization. They are a A 501c3 nonprofit providing advocacy, training and person-centered support for individuals with disabilities. Dedicated to their belief that no individual or family should have to navigate complex medical and educational systems alone, they create inclusive environments where individuals feel comfortable seeking resources and support. Through various initiatives, they aim to provide resources, education, and platforms for open conversations, fostering a compassionate and understanding society. Click here to make a tax deductible donation to their scholarship fund or to help a family who cannot afford advocacy support.

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Maya E. Hairston

Maya Elizabeth Music LLC


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