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Meet  Maya

Hello, lovely soul! 


I'm Maya Elizabeth--a worship leader, singer-songwriter and inspirational-soul artist. I believe we were made to live full, not empty. So, I write thought-provoking, inspirational-soul music for the listener who needs a little healing, truth and love. 

I was raised in Baltimore, MD, where I first started writing around age 6. Lyrics, poetry and journaling have always been tools for me to process, create, and connect with my sense of purpose. As a pastor's kid, I grew up singing at Messiah Community Church (Reisterstown, MD) from 11 or 12 years old. Though my involvement may have seemed obligatory or expected at first, I recognized my passion for worship/worship leading/worship team building as early as 16. That love grew while I shadowed/served on the team at Zion Church (Landover, MD) the latter half of my college years. Then, from 2017-2020, I led as a worship staff member at Hillside Community Church in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.


Healing. Truth. Love.

Now, you'll see/hear me as a guest artist/worship leader in all sorts of gatherings--across cultures, sizes, locations and experiences. Spending so much time flowing in vastly different spaces has shaped my unique meld of a sound.

With that, my sound is very much (but not solely) coffeehouse/acoustic guitar/chill and reflect vibes. Whether I'm recording a project, or playing a set for my friends at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden or Woodstream Church, or a Sofar show, or a virtual listening party, or a local arts festival, my mission is the same: leave people with a little healing, truth and love. I want people's souls to smile when they hear my music.


In 2016, I graduated summa cum laude with my BBA in marketing from Howard University and was the School of Business Valedictorian. I even got to sing my original, debut single, Come Ye, at our graduation ceremony! That same year, with the help of my favorite co-writer/producer, Rob Levine III, I released my debut album, 'Soulhouette: This is M.E.' Now, my EP, "Space To Fill" (featuring my brother JR Hairston on guitar) is available on all of your favorite streaming platforms--Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and more! It's accompanied by my Space to Fill candle, journal, and music commentary podcast. For this project, I wanted you to have a whole listening experience, complete with ambiance, meditative prompts and behind-the-scenes insight on the creative process. So, be sure to check out my shop and order your listening bundes while you're here on the site! As you listen, I hope you're refreshed and inspired!

If so, feel free to reach out and let me know! I love a kind DM, tag or email. Also, follow me on social media and streaming platforms, share with your friends, and/or inquire about booking m.e. for your next event!

In Healing, Truth + Love,

Maya Elizabeth

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